Mecha Spider

3D Mechanical Enemy Design, 2021

Enemy Info


These mechanical spiders are typically found in groups of 3, and are around 1/2 the size of an average human. These machines are quite hostile since they are programmed to protect valuable resources.


These machines only have two attacks. Their go-to attack is a biting attack, where the machine uses its fangs to inject corrosive venom. If the player keeps their distance or has disabled the mechanical spider’s movement, the machine will begin to favor its projectile attack, where it sprays corrosive venom at its target. These mechanical spiders attack in groups, and will often attack the player from behind when they’re distracted fighting a different machine.


The most obvious weakness is the venom container on the machine’s abdomen. Destroying this component will not only do a large chunk of damage but disable all of the machine’s venom abilities, leaving it only with a venomless bite attack. The spider also has a weak point on its legs due to its lack of armor plating. Destroying enough of them will disable the spider’s movement completely.