Endangered Species

Digital Illustration, 2018-2019

Endangered Species is a collection of illustrations depicting endangered animals and how humans have caused these species’ numbers to decline.

This illustration showcases the sea otter. This species is endangered, primarily due to the oil spills that coat their fur and cause hypothermia.
This illustration features the black-footed ferret. This endangered species has lost it’s population due to disease and habitat loss.
This illustrations features the axolotl. This piece focuses on one of the many reasons this species is critically endangered— warming waters.
This illustration features the Mount Francais leaf-toed gecko. This species is critically endangered due to deforestation and loss of habitat.
This illustration showcase the sea turtle. All 7 of the sea turtle species are either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. One of the many treats for sea turtles is plastic debris, which they often mistake as jellyfish and consume, or get tangled in.
This illustration features a mother African bush elephant and her child. One of this endangered species’ biggest threats is poaching for their ivory tusks.
This illustration showcases the pangolin. There are 8 pangolin species, all of them being critical endangered, endangered or vulnerable due to the high demand for their scales in traditional medicine.
This illustration showcases the Spix’s macaw. This species is currently extinct in the wild, which was partially due to the trapping of these birds for the illegal bird trade.
This illustration features the Amur leopard. This critically endangered species biggest threat is habitat loss.