Melati Treetops Resort

Branding, 2022

Re-branding for a treehouse resort in Bali. As I was creating Melati Treetop’s new branding, I wanted to expand the resort’s target audience. Originally, their only target audience was nature and wellness lovers. However, I felt that living in treehouses right near the city would appeal to young explorers as well. I decided to make the branding more playful while still keeping strong ties to nature. I also created a cafe sub-identity in order to give residents food options at the resort.

Logo Design
Logo Design B&W
Logo Wordmark Design
Ginger Treehouse Icon
Cotton Treehouse
Cinnamon Treehouse Icon
Astragal Treehouse Icon
Business Card Front
Business Card Back
Letterhead Front with Text
Letterhead Front
Letterhead Back
Envelope Front
Envelope Back
Mobile App Splash Screen Mock-Up
Mobile App Front Page Mock-Up
Melati Treetop Café Sub-Identity
Logo Design
Melati Treetop Café Sub-Identity
Logo Design B&W
Café Cup Design Mock-Up
Café Cup Design
Café Menu Cover
Café Menu Page 1
Café Menu Page 2